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Building the world’s most advanced no-code job platform

Simplifying Success: Bridging Creators and Brands, Crafting Ad Content That Resonates and Guarantees Results

The hero company

Road Runner Sports achieved a 5X+ in-platform ROAS while consistently
reaching 6-figures in profitable monthly ad spend.


Decrease in CPA


Increase in ROAS


Increase in Orders



  • Digital Design
  • Make integration
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Webflow development
  • Airtable integration


Marshall Morris

Attracting the best candidates? Not as easy as it used to be. Vacature Via tasked us with developing the ultimate job platform: design-first, user-friendly and powered by no-code.

As a well-known destination for jobseekers, Vacature Via was looking to set itself apart from traditional, outdated job boards. This meant that both standout design and top-notch interaction were a priority in the creation process. With new search functions to complement the visual interface, as well as clever use of data, we built a curated job platform unlike any other in the industry.

Challenges Before HeySocial

Before their collaboration with HeySocial, the brand was grappling with inconsistency. They had no reliable method of quickly generating top-notch creatives. Their internal marketing team found themselves stretched thin, juggling tasks from reaching out and onboarding content creators to brainstorming ideas, writing scripts, and diving into video editing. Despite all their effort, the results were often underwhelming.

Creators frequently turned in content that missed the mark or simply didn’t follow guidelines. This process wasn't just inefficient—it was a massive drain on the team's time, diverting their attention from crafting winning marketing strategies. Their numbers painted a grim picture: a high CPA of $31 from a hefty $600k ad spend, and a modest ROAS of just 1.5x. And TikTok? They hadn’t even ventured there, clocking in at a stark $0 ad spend.

Approach / Solution

Recognizing their challenges, we introduced the brand to the HeySocial way of doing things. They were immediately connected to our vast community of varied and talented creators.

Rather than burdening their marketing team with multiple tasks, we decided to handle it all. From finding the right content creators, brainstorming ideas, to writing scripts and managing both production and post-production, we had it covered.

Every month, they received 18 fresh UGC videos and 10 tweaked versions, fine-tuned using insights from their ad accounts. The brand could finally breathe easy, focusing on what they do best, while we handled the creative heavy lifting.

The Results

Fast forward 10 months, and the numbers spoke volumes about the transformation.

With a spend of $1,800,000 on Facebook Ads, the brand witnessed returns soaring to $3.18M, maintaining a cost of just $24 per acquisition.

This translated to an improved Roas of 1.77x. Meanwhile, TikTok, which was a new venture for them, saw an investment of $192,000, pulling in an average CPA of $32 and a Roas of 1.4x. But the cherry on top? Just 6 days after launching their TikTok Shop, they’d only invested $560 but raked in over $2k in revenue.

That’s a staggering Roas of 4x in less than a week!

This case study demonstrates the power of creative testing and user-generated content in driving significant improvements in CPA, ROAS, and overall sales. By identifying the most effective ad messaging and leveraging the popularity of platforms like TikTok, the pet care company was able to achieve remarkable results in a relatively short time frame.


  • 53%
    Decrease in CPA
  • 400%
    Increase in ROAS
  • 29.9%
    Increase in Orders

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